Handheld Non-Lethal Defense. Defender Stungun with SAFETY Wrist strap feature. Efficient power consumption circuitry. Practical ideal compact device for self-defense.


  • Robust Molded ABS Plastic- Virgin Material UV Stabilized.
  • High Voltage up to 80 000 Volts Open Deterrent Test Spark.
  • Output Peak Voltage- 1.5 KV (500- Ohm Load Test)
  • Tested Non-Lethal Highly Effective Output Current 75 Milli Joules
  • Front Rounded Test probe with visible deterrent spark.
  • Warning Pulse discharge repetition rate 522ms with 155µs duration.
  • Attached Belt Clip.
  • Test spark trigger via momentary self-return trigger switch.
  • Patented safety Anti- Theft Nylon wrist strap.
  • Dimensions: 134 x62 x32mm
  • Supplied complete with 9 Volt Alkaline Battery. Rechargeable option available on request.
  • 12 Months Manufacturing warranty.