Ideal for personal protection and passive non-lethal law enforcement. No burning marks on skin or any permanent harmful after effect. Stop the attack before it starts.

Sizes Available: 28cm-Compact, 40cm-Tactical, 55cm-Combat, 70cm-Riot


  • Robust Extruded ABS Plastic- Virgin Material UV Stabilized.
  • High Voltage up to 120 000 Volts Open Deterrent Visible Test.
  • Output Peak Voltage- 1.5 KV (500- Ohm Load Test)
  • Tested Non-Lethal Output Current. Less than 1 Joule.
  • Front Rounded Test probe with visible deterrent.
  • Warning Pulse discharge repetition rate in excess of 15 Pulses per second.
  • Shock conducted along the sides of
  • Test spark trigger via momentary self-return trigger.
  • Secure adjustable Nylon wrist.
  • Model Dimensions: 280mm Compact / 400mm Tactical / 550mm Combat / 700mm Riot (custom sizes available on quantities).
  • Supplied complete with custom 9.6 Volt high capacity NiCad Rechargeable battery with Plug in charging system and Nylon Cordura belt.
  • 12 Months Manufacturing warranty.